Our Story | Steven Koveleski

KOVO ART | Artist Steven Koveleski


My name is Steven Lee Koveleski founder of KOVO ART. I am a full-time artist who uses my art to communicate the message of keeping optimism and validating outcomes. As a child, I faced many adversities, but I never let them hold me back. At the age of 18, I started building furniture in the Brooklyn navy yard and later briefly worked for Delta before starting my own business as an installer for interior designers. Over the past six years, I have worked alongside some of the top interior designers and high-end furniture stores as a salesperson, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the industry. Now, I am pursuing my passion for art full-time, using my skills and experiences to create pieces that inspire others to stay optimistic and believe in the power of their dreams. Whether through vibrant colors, uplifting imagery, or thought-provoking messages, my art is a reminder to stay positive and to never give up on our goals. I believe that by staying optimistic and focusing on the good, we can inspire others to do the same and make the world a brighter, more hopeful place.